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東京都目白生まれ。10代から広告・出版業界で、コピーライターとしてキャリアを積んだ後、2003年に作家デビュー。 著書は電子書籍を含め、50冊を超える。恋愛・結婚についての辛口エッセーやビジネスマンの成功と孤独に焦点を あてたビジネス書など、幅広いジャンルの執筆活動をしている。 また20歳の時、叔母を訪ねて渡米したことがきっかけで、旅行作家として世界50カ国以上を駆け巡り、 各国、各界に多彩な人脈を持つ。テレビ・ラジオ出演、講演、トークショーなどでも活躍中。 2013年からは企業セミナーのプロデュースも行っている。 「角川いつか」として上梓した著書は多数。 ベストセラーとなった『成功する男はみな、非情である。』(PHP研究所/だいわ文庫) 『別れたほうがイイ男 手放してはいけないイイ男』(PHP研究所)はアジア各国で翻訳された。 日本アカデミー賞協会会員 趣味:旅をすること。温泉、銭湯、祭り、花見、 花火、落語、昭和の歌謡曲、格闘技鑑賞。 Facebook→https://www.facebook.com/itsuka.kadokawa Twitter→https://twitter.com/itsukak h2_english photo_english the Japan Academy Awards Association Itsuka Kadokawa is a true-born Tokyoite, or Edokko, which means herfamily has lived in Edo (the former name of Tokyo) for three generations. With her deep appreciation of the Edo culture, Itsuka is a master of iki, Edo’ssophisticated, old-world elegance. After a long career in the advertising and publishing business as a copy writer, she made her debut as a writer in 2003. She has written nearly 50 books, ranging from outspoken essays on romance and marriage, and hard-boiled-style books describing loneliness of successful businessmen, to guide books introducing Edo cultural spots in Tokyo and gourmet books on Japanese cuisine. Itsuka is now a best-selling author of how-to books on happiness and success, and produces a wide variety of books. Her sharp psychological analysis and convincing observation of the trends of megacity dwellers appeal to a large reading population both at home and abroad. “Only a Man of Iron Wins a Victory” ,”Guys You (Probably) Should Get Rid of” and “The Dignity of Love” were translated for publication in various Asian countries Having an aunt married to an American, Itsuka lived in New York for a few years in her 20’s. Since then she has traveled to all parts of the globe and reported her experiences as a travel writer, as well. Her favorite destinations include safari parks, whale watching waters, and northern-lights and drift-ice viewing spots. She also loves to visit spas, enjoy festivals and view fireworks displays as is common with Edokko. Based on her career in the publishing industry and her wide array of contacts, she gives lectures at adult learning centers and appears on TV and radio talk shows. image_01 With “San Francisco Twins” at SF image_02 At the winery South Africa 『旅するチカラ〜世界を駆け巡るプロたちの海外旅行記』 http://www.tabichikara.com/travel-dialogue/2012/08/21/181133.html